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SELP Program Overview

------This program is only available to undergraduate student employees at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.------

The Student Employment Leadership Program is a flexible program that offers workshops & activities designed to complement students' on-campus employment experience. SELP is geared towards the professional development of student employees and provides opportunities to intentionally promote student's growth in respect to the University's Student Development Outcomes

To graduate from the program, the following requirements must be met over the course of two consecutive semesters:

  1. Participate in 4 SELP workshops/activities. You must attend a workshop or participate in an activity in each of the three categories: You, Others and Professional Practice. The fourth workshop is your choice - it can be from any workshop category. You may complete one online option.
  2. Have your resume critiqued by your college's career center and submit the resume critique form to by April 1, 2016.
  3. Create an online professional profile using LinkedIn by April 1, 2016.

Students who complete these requirements over the course of two consecutive semesters will receive a certificate of accomplishment at the end of the year and they will be invited, along with their respective supervisor, to attend the SELPies - an event to celebrate the accomplishments of student employees and their supervisors. 

*Note to students: You may complete SELP in one semester as long as your finish all of the SELP requirements listed above*

*Note to supervisors: If you have a professional development program or workshops in place in your department already, contact us at to discuss hybrid program options. 

For more information, contact selp@umn.eduThis program is sponsored by the Office for Student Engagement. 



Spring 2016 Workshops




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What People are Saying About SELP

  "Since becoming a student member of SELP (thanks to my supervisor), I have gained many beneficial skills that can be incorporated in both my current and future employment opportunities." 


 "SELP has helped me to progress in several of the student development outcome areas including self-awareness, independence and interdependence, responsibility and accountability, and goal orientation."


 "Learning my strengths and taking charge of them, and using them to drive me professionally was huge. Even as a student I made a difference at the U, and I strongly feel that, all because of SELP."


 "It opened my eyes to things in the workplace that I had not considered before." 


 "I feel like I was already strong in responsibility and accountability, as well the other (student development) outcomes, but when SELP pointed them out to me, they pointed them out to me as a peer, a leader, friend, teacher, all at the same time. They spoke about them on a different level, a level I understood fully." 


Involvement vs. Engagement

"Engagement increases awareness of the surroundings and makes you care about what you're doing instead of just doing it. "